Students' Reviews

Josha Harkam
Occupation: Student
Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires was a wonderful experience. I love Buenos Aires and the location of the school.
The teachers there are very professional and friendly.
I improved my Spanish, learned about Argentinian culture and made good friends in Buenos Aires!
Isa Van Der Heijden
Occupation: Student
I followed a Spanish course at AMAUTA Elebaires, and It was great! It was very nice to meet other international students. The classes were a lot of fun, and my Spanish improved so much. And when you learn Spanish, being in Buenos Aires is so much more fun, because you can communicate with locals and Everything gets so much easier. Moreover, you do a lot of cool trips, inside Buenos Aires but also for example to Uruguay!
Anne van de Coolwijk
Occupation: Student
I loved my Spanish classes at AMAUTA Elebaires! The teachers are very nice, and they helped me a lot learning the language. They also taught me a lot about the Argentine culture.

Thanks a lot to all! I love Buenos Aires, and I will never forget you! Greetings from Holland.
Occupation: Student
I went to AMAUTA Elebaires in Buenos Aires for a one-week course of Spanish. The people who work there are very friendly. They do not only help you learning Spanish, but also give you advise about the neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires or about good restaurants to visit. The Spanish teachers are very professional and they teach with humour. Even as a beginner, you learn a lot in a short amount of time. It makes you feel very comfortable to travel through South-America afterwards. The location of the school is great, it’s in an impressive historical building and it makes you feel very blessed to enter that building daily for your Spanish classes.
Elise de Gier
Occupation: Student
I followed a 4 week course at AMAUTA Elebaires, Buenos Aires and I had a great time! The teachers were very nice and made me feel welcome at the school. Because of the small class size, everyone got as much attention as needed. Something which I liked in particular is that there is an informal atmosphere at the school; you feel like you are at home. Also, the afternoon activities were very well organized. By participating I met a lot of new people! Thanks AMAUTA-Elebaires, I am ready for my adventure in Buenos Aires.
Davey Emmers
Occupation: Student
I want to thank you for the beautiful experience I had at AMAUTA - Elebaires in Buenos Aires. It was a great experience doing my internship here. I learnt about South-American culture, I traveled in Argentina, and I learnt an aweful lot. Plus, I improved my Spanish!.
Once again, it was a beautiful experience.
Nick Morris
Occupation: Student
Age: 22
United Kingdom
Nicholas Holden Morris arrived just a boy when he touched down in Buenos Aires, but after an action-packed three weeks with AMAUTA Elebaires, full of fun, cheer and good spirit, he left a fully fledged man. Arriving at the school in Buenos Aires for the first time, he was embraced with a warm reception, and an induction for all the new students provided a good opportunity to understand the school's culture, mix with the other students in attendance. Throughout his time at the school, Nick was never at a loss for pleasant company and help for any problems that inevitably arose living in a foreign country. The Spanish lessons themselves were challenging, yet fun and informative. Supplementing the lessons, Nick went along to each excursion available after class, and so learned about Argentina's history and culture in addition to its language. Nick hopes that at one point in the future, be it one year, or fifty, he can return, and maybe cover the preterit tense.
P.s. the wifi could use some work.
Felipe Nakabayashi Fiore
Occupation: Student
The Spanish classes at Amauta Argentina were very nice. One thing I liked was the exchange of culture and thoughts. The trips after the classes are nice. We had the opportunity to get to know a little bit about the history of the city. The teachers are very well prepared for the classes and always try to teach in various ways.

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