Spanish for Travelers

Our course "Survival Spanish for Travellers" is setup for travellers or backpackers in Argentina that want to learn the basics of Spanish in order to survive while traveling. This course will allow the student to learn some basic grammar rules that will help, for instance, how to conjugate the regular verbs. But more than grammar, the teachers will go through the basics that are important for travellers on their way through Argentina and other countries in South America. Students will learn to "survival vocabulary" and practise to communicate with employees in hotels, travel agencies, supermarkets, stores, waiters in restaurants and bars and doctors in hospitals.

Spanish for travelers
Students ready to explore Argentina after their Spanish course.

Class times

Survival Spanish classes are offered daily, from Monday to Friday, from 2.00 till 4.00 pm.


The Survival Spanish consists of three units of two hours that can be taken on three different days, or on two or even on one day.

Class Size

There is a minimum of two students for this course and a maximum of eight.

Prices and Booking

For prices and booking we refer to our Pricelist and Booking page. This course starts daily at 2.00pm. Please contact us for more information.

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