Spanish Online Course

Originally, our Spanish Online classes were especially set up for AMAUTA-Elebaires students that participated in our Spanish classes in Buenos Aires and had desire to continue improving their Spanish skills back home.

But nowadays there are not only ex-students participating on our Spanish Online; our Spanish Online is also a good preparation before your trip to Buenos Aires. On the other hand it’s also a great opportunity for people that want to learn the Spanish language but that do not have any plans at all to travel to Argentina. Spanish Online is a complete course by itself that does not have to be combined with our Spanish classes in Buenos Aires.

Our Spanish Online Program is very popular due to the reasonable prices, the high and efficient level of teaching and the flexible schedule.

AMAUTA-Elebaires offers a qualified native, private instructor and a flexible schedule. Those Spanish lessons are tailored to your current level, personal needs and wishes.

The first class is a free 30-minute trial. During this first session you will be able to try out the program and the teacher will have the opportunity to verify your level and ask you about your personal goals you want to achieve with the Spanish Online and make a personal plan for you.

AMAUTA-Elebaires teachers are specially trained for teaching online and they use different software and innovative tools. Student and teacher are interacting during the class, as if there were face to face.

Spanish online course
Learn Spanish Online from one of our qualified teachers, at your own level and pace!.

Class times

Class times are flexible and will be organized around your own agenda. One hour of classes is 55 minutes.


The duration of the course depends on your personal goals. There are no limits for enrolment. However, we recommend a minimum of two sessions per weeks to ensure an efficient learning pace.

Prices and Booking

For prices and booking we refer to our Pricelist and Booking page. The first 30 minute session is a free trial.

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