Spanish for Expats

Our Spanish for Expats is especially designed for people who are planning to move or have already moved to Argentina: for residents and/or expats in Buenos Aires. Your Argentine experience will be much more exciting when you speak the language. Speaking Spanish will give you a better position when interacting and negotiating and will be of great help in the bank, in a restaurant, in the taxi, in a restaurant or in the government office. Through many exercises, roleplays, learning and speaking practises etc. our Spanish teachers work on vocabulary building and language skills.

Our Spanish for Expats focuses on what you need in real life situations Argentina. This course prepares you for every- day life in the interesting city of Buenos Aires (or elsewhere in Argentina). Our teachers will also pay attention to local culture and teach you the Argentina expressions daily used by the local people.

Spanish Expats
Expats immersed in the Argentinean culture and Spanish language program.

Class times

During the afternoons or upon request.


The total duration of this course varies between two and four weeks, six hours per week.

Class Size

There is a minimum of three and maximum of eight students for this program.

Prices and Booking

For prices and booking we refer to our Pricelist and Booking page. Please note there are fixed starting dates: every first Monday of the month.

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