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Everyone knows that Argentina is known for its great tangos scene. If you are interested in dance or tango and you would like to give it a try, this is your chance! Amauta-Elebaires offers tango workshops from total beginners to high advanced though a local partner in Buenos Aires in an amazing scenery.

It is said that the tango originated in the local bars of the port area of the famous neighbourhood "La Boca". Here the immigrants from Europa arrived and they played an important role in today’s Tango that is, among others, influenced by the flamenco from Southern Spain as well as by Italian folk.

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, in the heart of Argentine tango culture and experience the tango scene in Buenos Aires.

Spanish students with their dance teacher at a tango workshop in Buenos Aires
Spanish students with their dance teacher at a tango workshop in Buenos Aires.

Class times

The Spanish group classes take place from 09.00 to 13.00 with a 15-minute break at 11.00; the tango workshops during the late afternoon of early evening.


The duration of a Spanish Group course is one week. The tango workshop is min 3 hours (one session); additional hours can be booked on site, or before arrival.

Class Size

There is a maximum of eight students in the group class. For the tango workshop there is a minimum of four and a maximum of eight.

Prices and Booking

For prices and booking we refer to our Pricelist and Booking page. Please note there are fixed starting dates, or, you pay an additional charge to start any other date without a required minimum number of participants. Please contact us with further questions.

Spanish and Tango Buenos Aires
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