Spanish Courses



Price in USD $

Spanish Immersion Programs

Group Course190
Individual Course540
Best of Both +5360
Best of Both +10450
Individual per Session35

Specific Spanish Programs

Medical Spanish *Contact us
Spanish for BusinessContact us
Spanish and DELE/CELU450
Spanish and TEFL *1530

Spanish Classes For Families

Spanish For FamiliesContact us
Spanish for Kids or Teens195

Spanish Classes & Cultural programs

Tango Workshop *250
Argentinean Cuisine Workshop *120
Wine Workshop *250

Spanish and Polo

Spanish and Polo *1340

Spanish and Travel Programs

Spanish and Excursions *1760


Volunteer WorkContact us
InternshipContact us



Price in USD $ week

HomestaySingle Room295
Homestay PLUSSingle Room345
Student AccommodationSingle Room295
Shared Room195



Price in USD $

Pick-up service Buenos Aires airport80


Holidays 2016 in Argentina

Jan 1, Feb 8, Feb 9, March 24, March 25, April 2, May 1, May 25, Jun 20, Jul 8, Jul 9, Aug 15, Oct 10, Nov 28, Dec 8, Dec 9, Dec 24 after 2 pm, Dec 25, & Dec 31 after 2 pm


  • There is an enrolment fee of $ 65 if you enroll for the first time.
  • All prices are in USD $ and are valid for all products that start in 2016.
  • All programs and prices are subject to change.
  • This price list overrules all previous information about prices and dates.
  • Amauta reserves the right to change prices and fees at any time. This will not affect any bookings already placed.
  • AMAUTA cannot be held responsible for obvious printing errors.


  • 10% discount on course prices of 8 weeks or longer when booked and paid in advance.
  • 10% discount on course prices for members of the South American Explorers and holders of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).
  • 50% discount for the second person in an individual class (2 students / 1 teacher).
  • Returning students do not pay registration fee.
  • There is a 5% discount for members of the same family.
  • For more discounts options, check our Facebook page.


The courses with an * have a minimum number of participants (either 2, 3, 4) At least three weeks before the start date we will confirm whether the course can proceed in its original format. With less inscriptions, the number of sessions might be reduced in order to avoid cancellation. This will be discussed previously with the student. You can also choose to apply the fee toward other Courses, or receive a full refund of your deposit.

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