FAQ - Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Will I be living close to the Spanish School?

We will always place you as close to our language school as possible. However, Buenos Aires is a very big city so "close", is a relative term. Luckily, Buenos Aires has a very good transport system. You will never have to travel long and it is definitely part of the immersion experience in Argentina.

What kinds of accommodation do you offer?

As described on our accommodation page, we offer hotels, hostels, shared apartments, student residences and family home stays. All accommodation options are carefully screened to make sure you have a great and safe time in Buenos Aires.

Can I use the accommodation option before and/or after my Spanish course?

Yes, if you check with us before arrival and the accommodation of your choice has availability, you can make use of the accommodation option before and/or after your Spanish course. Make sure to coordinate this carefully with the school administration and / or with your personal contact at Amauta Elebaires.

Can I prepare my own meals?

Most student residences and the independent apartments offer a fully equipped kitchen for you to use. If you choose for a family home stay, the host will prepare you breakfast and dinner and you are not expected to use the kitchen to prepare your own meals.

What meals are included at the home stay option?

The host will cook breakfast and dinner for you, from Monday to Friday. During the weekends, there is no dinner included. Remember Argentina people do everything late: dinner time is between 22.00 and 23.00.

I'm a vegetarian/vegan and/or have dietary restrictions/allergies. Is that a problem?

No, this is not a problem. Make sure you give us notice about your food restrictions or allergies beforehand and we will find you an accommodation that fits your needs.

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