Foods, Drinks & the nightlife in Buenos Aires

Argentina is famous for its amazing barbequed steaks and wonderful wines. It is home to some of the best restaurants in Latin America and the gastronomic culture of Buenos Aires owes much to the rich traditions of immigrants. The traditional porteño cuisine is a variation on the Mediterranean cooking, brought to Argentina by the Spaniards and the Italian inmigrants. Typical Argentine food and drinks include asado (bbq), empanadas, pizza, dulce de leche, churros and mate.

Try Argentinas most famous drink; El Mate Try Argentina's most famous drink; el mate!.

Drinking and dancing is also a big part of the local porteño culture of Buenos Aires. Most bars come alive around 22.00, most clubs around 02.00. The most bars you will find in Palermo Soho and San Telmo. Clubs you will find in Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood and along the Costanera Sur.

If you really want to blend in, you will have to try Fernet. It is an herbal drink, often mixed with coke and accompanied by ice. Or try Campari.

A typical Argentinean specialty is the asado A typical Argentinean specialty is the asado (barbeque).

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